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The Brotherhood Journal_Roland Colom Jr

Roland Colom Jr

Roland Colom Jr.
Currently divorced and single, has three children. He graduated from Steven D Lee High School Columbus, Mississippi in 1987. He had football scholarship to Mississippi Valley State University but had an injury and had to forego that. He is in school now as a full time student at Northeast Mississippi Community studying Heating and Air Conditioning. After completing his studies at Northeast Mississippi Community College, he plans to continue his education and become a civil engineer. His hobbies include playing basketball.

The Brotherhood Journal_James Monroe

James Monroe

James Monroe
Married to former Silvia Jones; dropped out of school as a sophomore. He is currently disabled. His hobbies are playing the trumpet and swimming. He reports that his hero, Larry Dykes, taught him to swim. He reports that when Ripley got a swimming pool they didn’t have a lifeguard so Larry Dykes was the lifeguard. He went on and got his junior and senior certificate from the Red Cross. He became a lifeguard. He worked as a lifeguard for the city and for the Job Corp. He reports that he goes to the wellness center just about every day to swim.

The Brotherhood Journal_Brandon Spight

Brandon Spight

Brandon Spight
Married to the former Tawan McDonald with 5 children. He dropped of
school but has his GED. Currently, a full time student with Devire University Online seeking a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems with a specialty in Business Administration. Recently, opened the Accessory Story business in Ripley. He does several duties at church: deacon, van ministry, sound technician. His hobby is playing video games with his kids.

The Brotherhood Journal_ Corey Bohanna

Corey Bohanna

Corey Bohanna
Married for five years to the former Marquita Newsome.
Recently name outreach minister at his church and heading up the Prison Prevention Ministry. As a truck driver for five years he recruits some younger guys who are not going to school to start driving. Some make it and some don’t.

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About the Author: Mr. Charles E. Harris is the Editor and Publisher of The Brotherhood Journal. He is the President of Restoration Ministries. Harris is married and has two children.

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